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Haydanblair House is Eco-mad…..it is Eco-style…it is an Eco-oasis…it is an Eco-Lodge…it is Eco-style…it is Eco-tourism. This is Norfolk’s Eco-Lodge. Where ever possible it is sustainability living with style. It is rest, relaxation, and rejuvenation. It is adventures with attitude. Imagine a scene where you can leave behind the humdrum of everyday life, the traffic lights, the hunting for a carpark, and feel invigorated. Highlands is privileged to be next to the Norfolk Island National Park with its stunning flora and fauna. Here you can explore the subtropical ecosystem.
There is a choice of fresh air walks.

Here is a sample;
Captain Cook/Bridle Track walk.

Commencing at Palm Glen at the end of the Selwyn Pine Road the track takes you past majestic huge mature Norfolk Island Pinetrees and Norfolk Palms. Listen for the birdlife as you head out of the tree canopy and out into the open and towards the sea coast where the Pacific Ocean meets interesting rock formations. The fresh ocean breeze travels with you until you reach the monument to indicate where Captain Cook landed. Allow about 2 hours walking time for the return walk.

Palm Glen Circuit walk.
The walk commences at Palm Glen at the end of the Selwyn Pine Road. Here you can look back over the Island and out to Philip Island in the distance. The track is   stunning in that for the bulk of the time you walk in an umbrella of native palms. There are tree ferns and king ferns. This is the subject of promotional posters.
See how this subtropical rain forest evolves over time. Allow about 25 minutes for this circuit walk.

Mount Bates summit walk.
The at times steep walk commences at Palm Glen at the end of Selwyn Pine Road. You enter the canopy of Norfolk Island native trees that are grand with the Norfolk Pines in abundance. Listen for the birdlife that varies with migratory patterns. There are valleys of dense palms and interesting mosses that attach and dress the majestic Pines. The summit opens up to a feeling of being king of the mountain as you look over the whole Island…the airport, the central shopping area,… the greens, blues and crisp whites abound. Allow about 1.5 hours for the return walk.


Norfolk Island is a green Island. At Haydanblair House we can talk you through getting the best out of your precious time. So get out there and enjoy what is on offer. The choice is yours. Some of the activities include swimming at the main lagoon beach, floating in Crystal  Pool, fishing, kayaking, mountain biking, horse riding, horse & carriage rides, bus tours, golf, scuba diving, snorkeling, surfing, wine tasting, tennis, bowls, shooting, trekking Philip Island, archery, ….or just where to find a great coffee shop or restaurant or massage.


Haydanblair House prides itself on maximizing eco-credentials. Years have been spent nuturing the native bush around the 50 acre property. Mature fruit trees are dotted around and a house vegetable garden has produced some tasty organic treats. Water for the house comes from a mountain spring and rainwater off the roof. Effluent is fed through a septic system. Household rubbish waste is extensively sorted and taken to the Island’s Waste Management Centre. We value our Island and the world we live in.

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